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Helping you compete for talent with culture and strategy instead of wage wars

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Finding and keeping all the talent you need has never been harder.

According to the Gallup State of the Workplace 2023 report, 51% of workers (not the unemployed) are looking for another job. So much has changed in the last 10 years. The challenge for recruiters and hiring managers is new and unprecedented. What used to work isn’t working anymore.

But if you know th
e strategies that work, right now is the greatest recruiting and retention opportunity of all time.

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Since 1990, Dr. John Sherk has directly led and trained organizations in organizational change, executive leadership development, profit margin improvement, and talent management.


More recently, he is focusing on helping hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource professionals with the talent recruiting and retention challenge. John lives the challenge daily. His company, Operations Laboratory, actively recruits HVAC technicians for HVAC companies. John’s grandfather was a technician and his mother worked for a multi-national HVAC company for 40 years. John also built his academic chops in recruiting and retention theory.


After completing master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Loyola University Chicago, he wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on organizational commitment in HVAC technicians in the context of very low unemployment. In his off time, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking Cajun food and supporting the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers.

Having successfully completed well over 1000 speaking and training engagements in training rooms, board rooms, college classrooms, and churches, John brings a sharp mind and an entertaining new perspective to stages and board rooms everywhere.

One of the fastest ways to lose to the competition is to stop growing and learning. John develops our managers and keeps them growing month after month.

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John's Talks

Talk Topics

Helping you Recruit Talent:
The Recruiter’s Playbook: The Five Triggers that Empower You to Compete for Talent with Strategy and Culture instead of Wage Wars.

Audience: Hiring managers, Recruiters, HR, Small Business Owners

Recruiting has changed over the last 10 years. Unemployment is at historic lows, yet 51% of employed workers are looking for another job (Gallup). In The Recruiters Playbook, John breaks down the five triggers that motivate an employed worker to leave their job and take a new one. Available as a keynote plus two breakout sessions or as a private workshop.

By the end of our time together you will

• Understand the new strategies that work in recruiting
• Have a built out set of questions to ask a recruit to identify their triggers
• Have a strategy to move a prospect through the eight steps to yes
• Feel inspired to really compete for talent and not just offer jobs

Helping You Retain Talent:
Thriving as a Young Professional: The Three Skills Every Young Professional Needs to Flourish Where They Are

Audience: Front line professionals under 40, managers of young professionals, staff members you want to retain

Gen-Z’s average job tenure is 2.3 years and Millennials are only 6 months more. There are 13 skills that are applicable to every front-line professional that not only improve performance, but will empower them to get what they are looking for professionally where they are instead of looking for it at a next job. Beginning with these top three will create a powerful retention force inside your team. Available as a keynote plus 2-3 breakout sessions or a private workshop.

By the end of our time together you will

• Fully own clarity of all expectations of you
• Understand how to influence others apart from the formal authority of the org chart
• Have a strategy to influence the entire flow of your work product, not just what is on your desk


John's Testimonials

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John is a one-of-a-kind individual who is able to walk into any company and optimize it. Personally, our team has doubled our productivity since working with John, providing us tools I never knew existed. Now, we look forward to having meetings because we know they will be time well spent. Thank you for your leadership, John!

Liz Shepherd President
Life city New Orleans


Contact John

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Phone Number: 601.596.7112


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